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E-mails are to the internet what pillars are to a house. E-mailing whether sending or receiving remains one of the top 3 activities users carry out on the internet. Before the advent of social media, e-mailing was the main thing users did on the world wide web. It is just not going away soon, but will probably outlast every social media site and be the last activity carried out on the day the internet is abandoned no matter how far in the future that may be.

Emails are important and as one of the tools on the internet that we can use for formal messaging like sending applications to universities, jobs, financial houses.  CMIT Solutions Kelowna for email spam security for businesses in the Okanagan holding a more corporate idea in our minds. Therefore we want it to always be accessible and void of the frivolities of social media and dating sites⁠—we want our emails to always be in the inbox⁠— instead of the spam and we also want those that are not imported to be filtered into the spam.


Spam emails are also used to send malware


1. Whether you are an individual or a business, to send emails you have to have the permission of the recipient to send them emails. If you are a marketer with one or more email lists, you had the option in the past to allow recipients the option to unsubscribe.

2 If the information of the sender is incorrect. It must clearly state who a person or a company is. According to the FTC, the ‘From,’ ‘To,’ ‘Reply-To,’ routing information,
as well as the originating domain name and email address, should be correct.

3. If your IP address has been used for spam, your current emails may end up in Junk Mail Folder. It goes deeper than that. Even if you use email marketing service and one of their users sends spam email, your mails may be affected.

4. If your business has no physical address. whether it is a house address or a post office box address. It allows for traceability.

5. A misleading subject line can have your subscribers report you. It is actually against the law to intentionally mislead someone with your subject line.

6. If you do not have an unsubscribe link to your emails. even recipients who once liked your content may want to opt-out and if the cannot, they will report.

7. Using spam trigger words will get make sure your email go to spam.

8. Consistently sending emails to inactive addresses. Spam filters will penalize your ISP and increase the chances of your emails going to SPAM in the future.

9. Emailing too frequently. People stop reading your emails and they go to the Junk Mail Folder.

10 Using images.

If you are a business a Gsuite or Office 365 can give you more email security against spam among other things. an administrator can fight incoming e-mails more aggressively