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Today’s business world is directly tied to the internet. It won’t be long before ecommerce supplants brick and mortar entirely. Even for brick and mortar stores, the digital world still matters a great deal. Smart phones connected to the internet are how people find what products to buy and what stores to buy them at.

As such, search engine optimization, or Kelowna SEO for short, is vitally important to competing as a business in today’s fast-paced world. However, like many things, search engine optimization is not constant. It changes and evolves over time. With that in mind, here are some great tips you can use in 2020.

View Your Site through the User

One of the biggest tips you should take to heart in 2020 is to place creating a great user experience at the top of your checklist. Google’s algorithms have, in fact, been altered to more closely focus on user experience. One factor that will be taken into account is bounce rate. If users quickly leave your website after clicking on it, you won’t obtain a good ranking. Create a good experience for those users and provide quality content that appeals to your target market.

Aim for Evergreen Content

One problem that can occur is when the content posted on a website is only relevant for a short period of time. This often happens, for example, with dated news posts. As time passes, those pages will fall further and further down in search results. Instead, try to aim for evergreen content that is always relevant and always useful. Also keep in mind that trends can change overnight. Instead of focusing on trends, create unique content in line with your branding that speaks from a standpoint of authority that will not wane with time.

Adapt to the BERT Algorithm

One big factor in 2020 will be the new BERT search engine algorithm from Google. This algorithm was designed to use machine learning to more accurately interpret the natural use of language. This means Google will be able to better understand the complex questions users ask it. As such, you can’t be sloppy with your approach to how you use keywords and search terms. You need to be much more precise in order for your lead generation to be successful.

Don’t Ignore Social Media

In 2020, social media is more important than ever before. As such, the major search engines are beginning to pay more attention to what goes on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For one, the amount of traffic your receive on certain posts may be reflected in search engine rankings. However, don’t rely on that account activity alone. Google has indicated that backlinking with quality links outside of these networks still matters a great deal.

Overall, SEO has changed in 2020. There are likely to be more changes as well. You need to adapt to these changes in real time. If you don’t, you could lose your preferable search engine rankings as well as a good deal of your business to your competitors.